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List of Universities in Taiwan


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Here is a list of many universities and colleges in Taiwan. Teaching credentials for teaching at Universities can be over the top, ie you need a PhD to teach there, but some schools start a language center so they can hire foreigners with Masters degrees to teach at their schools.

Some schools have winter and summer camps too, so it might be worth checking out if any of your local Taiwan universities have any job openings then. The rules are usually relaxed even further for teachers of these camps, meaning that a BA will suffice.

Municipal Universities

Private Universities

    Chang Gung University: (English page)

      259 Wen Hwa 1st Road
      Kwei Shan
      Taoyuan 333
      Taiwan ROC.

      Telephone: (03) 328 3016
      Fax: (03) 328 3031

    Chang Jung Christian University (English page)

      369 Chang Jung Road
      Section 1
      Kway Jen
      Tainan 711

      Taiwan ROC.

      Telephone: (06) 278 0123
      Fax: (06) 278 0111

    Chaoyang University of Technology: (English page)

      168 Gifeng East Road

      Taichung 413
      Taiwan ROC.

      Telephone: (04) 332 3000
      Fax: (04) 332 9898

    Chinese Culture University: (Chinese - English page)

      55 Hwa Kang Road
      Yang Ming Shan
      Taipei 111
      Taiwan ROC.

      Telephone: (02) 861 0511
      Fax: (02) 861 5031

    Chung Hua University: (English page)

      30 Tung Shing Road
      Hsinchu 30067
      Taiwan ROC.

      Telephone: (03) 537 4281
      Fax: (03) 537 3771
      Email form

    Chung Yuan Christian University: (English page)

      22 Pu Jen
      Pu Chung Li
      Chung Li
      Taoyuan 32023
      Taiwan ROC.

      Telephone: (03) 456 3171
      Fax: (03) 456 3160

    Da Yeh University: (Chinese page)

      112 Shan Jeau Road
      Fu Hsing
      Ta Tsuen
      Changhua 51505
      Taiwan ROC.

      Telephone: (04) 852 8469

      Fax: (04) 852 8466

    Feng Chai University: (English page)

      100 Wen Hwa Road
      Taichung 407
      Taiwan ROC.

      Telephone: (04) 451 7250
      Fax: (04) 451 5517

    Fu Jen Catholic University: (English page)

      510 Chung Cheng Road
      Hsin Chuang
      Taipei 24205
      Taiwan ROC.

      Telephone: (02) 903 1111
      Fax: (02) 903 5524

    Hua Fan University: (English page)

      1 Hua Fan Road
      Feng Tien Tsun

      Shih Ting Hsiang
      Taipei 223
      Taiwan ROC.

      Telephone: (02) 2663 2102
      Fax: (02) 2663 1119

    I Shou University: (Chinese page)

      1 Hsueh Cheng Road
      Section 1
      Ta Hsu Hsiang
      Kaohsiung 84008
      Taiwan ROC.

      Telephone: (07) 656 3711
      Fax: (07) 656 3734
      Email form

    Ming Chuan University: (English page)

      250 Chung Shan North Road
      Section 5
      Taipei 111
      Taiwan ROC.

      Telephone: (02) 2882 4549
      Fax: (02) 2881 0521

    Providence University: (English page)

      200 Chung Chi Road
      Sha Lu
      Taichung 43301

      Taiwan ROC.

      Telephone: (04) 631 1150
      Fax: (04) 631 1170

    Shih Chien University: (Chinese page)

      3 Ta Chi Street
      Lane 62

      Taipei 104
      Taiwan ROC.

      Telephone: (02) 2533 8151
      Fax: (02) 2504 6293
      List of email addresses

    Shih Hsin University: (English page)

      1 Mu Cha Road, Lane 17
      Section 1
      Wen San
      Taipei 116
      Taiwan ROC.

      Telephone: (02) 2236 8225
      Fax: (02) 236 5133

    Soochow University: (English page)

      70 Wai Shuang Hsi Road
      Shih Lin
      Taipei 111
      Taiwan ROC.

      Telephone: (02) 2881 9471
      Fax: (02) 2882 9310

Tamkang University: (English page)

    151 Ying Chuan Road
    Taipei 251
    Taiwan ROC.

    Telephone: (02) 2622 0781
    Fax: (02) 2622 3204

Tunghai University: (English page)

    181 Taichung Harbor Road
    Section 3
    Taichung 407
    Taiwan ROC.

    Telephone: (04) 359 0121
    Fax: (04) 359 6557

Yuan Ze University: (English page)

    135 Yuan Tung Road
    Chung Li
    Taoyuan 320
    Taiwan ROC.

    Telephone: (03) 463 8800
    Fax: (03) 463 8900

    Here is a list from Wikipedia with no links:

    Changhua County

    * National Changhua University of Education
    * Chienkuo Technology University
    * Da-Yeh University
    * Nanhua University
    * ChungChon Institute of Technology
    * MingDao University

    Chiayi City

    * National Chiayi University

    Chiayi County

    * National Chung Cheng University
    * Wufeng Institute of Technology

    Hsinchu County

    * Minghsin University of Science and Technology

    Hsinchu City

    * National Tsing Hua University
    * National Chiao Tung University
    * National Hsinchu University of Education
    * Chung Hua University
    * Hsuan Chuang University

    Hualien County

    * National Dong Hwa University
    * National Hualien University of Education
    * Tzu Chi University

    Ilan County

    * National Ilan University
    * Fo Guang University

    Kaohsiung City

    * National Sun Yat-sen University
    * National Kaohsiung Normal University
    * National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology
    * National University of Kaohsiung
    * National Kaohsiung University of Applied Science
    * National Kaohsiung Marine University
    * Kaohsiung Medical University

    Kaohsiung County

    * Cheng Shiu University
    * Fooyin University
    * I-Shou University
    * Kao Yuan University of Technology
    * Shu-Te University

    Keelung City

    * National Taiwan Ocean University

    Miaoli County

    * National United University

    Nantou County

    * National Chi Nan University

    Penghu County

    * National Penghu University of Science and Technology

    Pingtung County

    * National Pingtung University of Education
    * National Pingtung University of Science and Technology
    * Tajen University

    Taoyuan County

    * National Central University
    * National Defense University
    * National College of Physical Education and Sports
    * Chang Gung University
    * Ching Yun University
    * Chung Yuan Christian University
    * Kainan University
    * Lunghwa University of Science and Technology
    * Yuan Ze University
    * Vanung University
    * Ming Chuan University

    Taichung City

    * National Chung Hsing University
    * National Taichung University of Education
    * China Medical University
    * Chung Shan Medical University
    * Feng Chia University
    * Ling Tung University
    * Tunghai University
    * Asia University (Taiwan)

    Taichung County

    * Asia University
    * Chaoyang University of Technology
    * Hungkuang University
    * Providence University

    Tainan City

    * National Cheng Kung University
    * National Tainan University
    * Kun Shan University
    * Hsing Kuo University of Management
    * Leader University

    Tainan County

    * Tainan National University of the Arts
    * Chang Jung Christian University
    * Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science
    * Kun Shan University
    * Southern Taiwan University of Technology

    Taipei City

    * China University of Technology
    * Chinese Culture University
    * Ming Chuan University
    * National Chengchi University
    * National Defense Medical Center
    * National Taipei University
    * National Taipei University of Education
    * National Taipei University of Technology
    * National Taiwan Normal University
    * National Taiwan University
    * National Taiwan University of Arts
    * National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
    * National Yang Ming University
    * Shih Chien University
    * Shih Hsin University
    * Soochow University
    * Taipei Medical University
    * Taipei Municapital University of Education
    * Taipei National University of the Arts
    * Tatung University

    Taipei County

    * National Taipei University
    * National Open University
    * Tamkang University
    * Aletheia University
    * Fu Jen Catholic University
    * Huafan University
    * Mingchi University of Technology
    * St. John's University
    * Tung-Nan Institute of Technology

    Taitung County

    * National Taitung University

    Yunlin County

    * National Formosa University
    * National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
    * Transworld Institute of Technology

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Dear God, I had no idea

Dear God, I had no idea there were so many :O
So many for such a small country makes absolutely no sense.

The one in Tainan, National

The one in Tainan, National Cheng Kung University's website (English) should be:

sorry, but it was easier to

sorry, but it was easier to write ... is a goverment webpage with all the data of all the universities and colleges check it out



knobby's picture

> tainan666 Chances are they

> tainan666

Chances are they may hire you at the start but once they find that you can't teach worth sh*t you'll get your walking papers.

Universities are coming down a lot harder on the teaching requirements since students are considered paying customers as well (& the university itself has a reputation to uphold as well).


It is possible to teach

It is possible to teach without a language-related degree, I am doing it....that being said you have to find a way to do research in the department to keep the job, or find a way to combine your expertise with language teaching...pressure is not only from keeping students happy but also in publishing and finding ways to get research grants from the National Science Council directed to the school...

A lot of universities, but

A lot of universities, but A) don't forget that almost all Taiwanese enter some form of post-secondary education and B) that the system here is a lot different that back home. Most private universities also have programs similar the the American junior college system or the Canadian 2-3 year college program with an added twist.

Forget high school, most kids specialize in grade 10 in a 5 year program. (technically 3 years of HS with 2 years of uni at the end) If they choose to continue they can enter the final year of a 2 year program or transfer.
Add this to the fact that almost everyone enters university in Taiwan.

However because Taiwan has one of the lowest birthrates in the world, this leads to not enough students to fill these universities. In the Tainan area alone, you can cross off Leader University and Hsin Kuo business college off the list above as they are closing up or have already closed due to lack of new student enrollment. I am sure there are at least 5-10 others that are closing up shop around the country, and it is further estimated that about another 15-20 more universities around Taiwan that will be closed in the next 5 years.

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